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All the pieces matter

The NHS has been collecting data on cancer since 1947. Today, the quality, scale and accuracy of the information we hold on cancer is unmatched anywhere in the world. But data, like a jigsaw, is only really of value if we have all the pieces. Lose a few and you can still get some idea of the picture. Lose lots and there’s not much point in putting together what you have.

Records such as Hospital Episode Statistics, which record how often a patient attends a hospital and what treatment they received and chemotherapy data, which logs the effectiveness of particular treatment regimens, are all electronically passed to one of our eight centres around the country round the clock. In these centres, teams of highly trained analysts and clinicians ensure the information they are putting in to the system is accurate and of high quality, before it is transformed into the national picture that the people who use our service, like medical researchers and scientists require.