Get Data Out webinar – October 2021

Co-hosted with Cancer52

Co-hosted with Cancer52, this webinar took place on 14th October 2021.

Speakers and content: 

  1. What is the NDRS and the Get Data Out programme? Challenges in the release process and the future of Get Data Out  – Anna Cooper, Cancer Information Analyst, NDRS and Charlotte Eversfield, Senior Cancer Intelligence Analyst, NDRS

  2. Cancer52 and its involvement with Get Data Out  – Jane Lyons, CEO, Cancer52

  3. How Brainstrust worked with Get Data Out in the beginning. How they have used the data since – Will Jones, CEO, Brainstrust 

  4. Case study from Prostate Cancer UK: how they have used the data – Thomas Harding, Knowledge Officer, Prostate Cancer UK 

  5. Case study from Action Against Heartburn – Alan Moss, Chairman, Action Against Heartburn 

  6. Case study from Pancreatic Cancer UK – Georgia Papacleovoulou, Senior Policy and Intelligence Manager, Pancreatic Cancer UK

  7. Case study from Fight Bladder Cancer – Lydia Makaroff, Chief Executive, Fight Bladder Cancer

This webinar was recorded and you can watch it here

You can see the slides here