Get Data Out

The challenge for the healthcare sector today is to be able to release more and more detailed information about diseases safely and in a way people can use. At NDRS, we’re meeting this challenge by working with charity partners to publish more in-depth data about cancers to give patients, carers and clinicians more insights in their disease. The Get Data Out programme analyses anonymised patient data to show the most recent information on:

  • Incidence rates
  • Survival
  • Treatments
  • Routes to Diagnosis

So far the programme has released data for brain tumours in partnership with brainstrust, with new releases for ovarian, testicular, pancreatic cancer due in the next few months. Data on prostate cancer and sarcoma are also planned for 2019.

Will Jones, brainstrust’s Chief Executive said, ‘It’s really important for people who have a brain tumour and the people that are caring for them to see how many other people there are like them and what’s happening to them during the course of their illness. We think it’s a real step forward and certainly gives people who use our services and support a sense that they are not alone’