NDRS Webinar: Molecular and Genomics – December 2020

The NDRS Webinar on the Molecular and Genomics Dataset took place live on Wednesday 2nd December.

This webinar explored:

  • an overview of the molecular and genomics work in NDRS and how it links to registration and analysis
  • the cytogenic dataset
  • the somatic dataset
  • the germline dataset
  • examples of current projects and partnerships with external colleagues and collaborators

You can access the recording of the webinar here.
The presentations start at 6 minutes.

You can access the presentation slides from the webinar here.
A written summary of the Q and A will be available here soon.

To contact the Molecular and Genomics team directly, you can email: Steven.Hardy@phe.gov.uk

This is the fifth webinar in a series of six NDRS Webinars in Autumn 2020. Find recordings and booking details for the other webinars here.