Webinar: Rapid Registrations Cancer Dataset – October 2020

The NDRS Webinar on Rapid Registrations Cancer Dataset took place live on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

This webinar explored:

  • The dataset: purpose; structure; and data quality overview.
  • Historical comparison to the regular cancer registration data.
  • False positive and false negative rapid cancer registrations.
  • What rapid pathway events are available.
  • Diagnostic and event volumes in 2020.

The recording of the webinar is available here.

NDRS Webinar: Slides from Rapid Registrations Cancer Dataset 21.10.2020

NDRS Webinar: Q and As from Rapid Registrations Cancer Dataset 21.10.20

Accessing the Dataset

We are pleased to announce that the Rapid Cancer Registrations Dataset is now available for request through the Office for Data Release (ODR).

Why make a request

This dataset should only be requested where the gold standard cancer registration data does not yet cover the period of activity of interest, and where the analytical question can be adequately answered despite the limitations of the data (please read the detailed data quality documentation).

How to make a request

The analytical questions most likely to be adequately answered using this dataset are healthcare resource utilisation queries regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please read the available guidance document before completing and submitting a rapid cancer registration data dictionary alongside the usual ODR paperwork.

Please email ODR@phe.gov.uk for enquiries about accessing the dataset.