NDRS webinar series – Autumn 2020

This autumn, NDRS ran a series of free webinars to continue to share information about our latest work and developments.

Each webinar focussed on a different area of NDRS, and there was an opportunity to ask questions following the presentations.

The 1-hour webinars were recording, and the recordings and presentation slides are available on the webpage for the relevant webinar.

The Rapid Registrations Cancer Dataset webinar – 21st October 2020

An overview of the the Rapid Registrations cancer dataset 2020, which constructs a proxy for the cancer registration dataset.

The SACT Dataset webinar – 4th November 2020

An overview of the systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) dataset and the SACT team’s analytical work.

The RTDS Dataset webinar – 18th November 2020

An overview of the Radiotherapy Dataset (RTDS) and how the dataset is utilised to improve clinical practice.

Rare Disease Registration webinar – 25th November 2020

An overview of NDRS’s work on rare diseases and the benefits of working in partnership for rare disease registration.

Molecular and Genomics webinar – 2nd December 2020

An overview of the molecular and genomic data collected and analysed across NDRS, including congenital anomalies, rare disease and cancer.

Congenital Anomaly Registration webinar – 9th December 2020

An overview of NDRS’s work on congenital anomaly registration and analysis.