Patient Leaflets

Every person who receives a cancer diagnosis should be informed about the cancer registration process, including how their data is used and that they have the right to opt out if they wish.

Cancer Registration Leaflet

We have made a leaflet to make sure that information about cancer registration is relevant and accessible to patients, carers and the public. The leaflet gives information about:

  • What is cancer registration?
  • What information is collected?
  • Is my information secure?

The cancer registration leaflet has been made available in a variety of formats.

Cancer registration leaflet (PDF download)

Audio Description

Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Registration Leaflet

We have made a cancer registration leaflet specifically for teenagers and young adults.

Teenage and Young Adult leaflet (PDF download)

Please contact us if you require a copy of either leaflet in braille.

Ordering printed cancer registration leaflets

If you work for a hospital or a clinic, you can order printed leaflets to give to patients. You need to order at least 50 leaflets.

To order leaflets, please contact us and tell us how many leaflets you need and the address of your hospital department.