Genetic Enquiries

We support NHS clinical genetics services by offering a service to check cancer diagnoses within families.

Individuals with a strong family history of some cancers, often at an unusually young age, can attend cancer genetic counselling clinics. Genetic counselling helps to find the genetic cause for a higher risk of cancer. This can help to diagnose and treat cancer earlier.

Clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors working in NHS clinical genetics services can access a secure online portal on the NHS network into which they can input details of their patient’s relative(s). To do this, they need signed consent from living family members who have a cancer diagnosis. We then match each person’s details to their record in the cancer registration dataset and, using a secure NHS email account, we provide the clinical genetics service with details of the correct cancer diagnosis for each family member.

This service gives the clinical geneticist or genetic counsellor complete confidence of the cancer diagnoses within the family. They can offer their patient personalised genetic counselling and the most appropriate genetic testing and medical management.

Around 20,000 genetic requests are received each year, with an average response rate of 3 working days.

You can view the user guide for genetic enquiries here.

If you are concerned about your own family history of cancer, please discuss this with your GP.

Webpage last updated: August 2021